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david bowie's mom was a narcissist. whether that makes me destined for greatness somehow, i don't know. maybe it links us, soul to soul, or something. since the tender age of four, the ethereal being on my television screen had become my imaginary friend. his voice floated through my stereo and settled in my brain and my wide eyes were burned forever with his image. i'd spent countless birthday wishes on the hope of getting to see him- a glimpse on the street, even, just to be sure that he was real. cd grasped in my chubby-child fingers, i'd sit on the rug and imagine him for hours, trying desperately to conjure him up. 
i wish the goblin king would take me away right now. i wish the goblin king would take me away right now-
he never came. 
my ex was- is a narcissist (but only after she dumped me). i was suddenly a child again, swaddled in unfathomable darkness that used to only come from turning out my night light. the world had morphed
:iconsingagainsoon:singagainsoon 4 4
i'm coming for you, pretty patrick! by singagainsoon i'm coming for you, pretty patrick! :iconsingagainsoon:singagainsoon 4 0
vodka kisses stain my neck
and tighten like a noose
i like you better when you're sober
:iconsingagainsoon:singagainsoon 5 5
love lock, lift bridge, beach glass
everything i love is an echo of the past
our ghosts kiss under the streetlamps,
haunt every street in both cities
old apartment becomes a cemetery
your fingers graze my face when i close my eyes
hazy yellow lazy-morning love taunting me
lips like rose petals, teeth like razors,
heart of ice pressed against my chest
my ribs crack every morning-
how can you hear it and let me break open like this?
:iconsingagainsoon:singagainsoon 5 4
when will these memories bleed out,
shutter-speed heart beat pounding in my ears
the creature that devoured me has crawled out through my ears and smeared greasy hands across my face
put me on the shelf-
first place trophy, first heart broken, first life ruined, first kiss, first love, first sex-
first, let me finish
what a curse to love a selfish heart-
crawls into bed beside me to cry apologies abandoned by day's first light 
every kiss lingers on my skin
you burn me still,
these cracking bones a monument to the weight of love-had, love-loved, love-lost
oh my god 
just let me die
:iconsingagainsoon:singagainsoon 3 2
i hope if i find the strength to walk out
i will let grief wash me away-
it comes in waves and i am
it carries me back east with clammy hands;
this time i do not resist
shaking hands can't chart a map,
a shaking heart cannot undo damage done
the trees bend their leafy heads to kiss me,
wrap their gnarled hands around mine and lead me
my mind comes lose like a fraying rope,
too much weight, a sudden snap
my feet bid me farewell,
bid me step into traffic or off a bridge
but i lack the decision to follow
these chapping lips have said goodbye too many times
i left the guilt behind, tucked it softly into bed where you sleep beside her
my fingerprints remain stamped on your skin
just as the wound you caused will never close
:iconsingagainsoon:singagainsoon 5 3
rest in pieces
how does it feel to have my heart on your hands?
here lies the best four years of your life
finish what you started, selfish heart-
pick up the shovel and bury me beneath the floorboards
the wind blows through my shadow
let me haunt you like you haunt me
cold bed, here lies love
i slip silently through the walls,
through the cracks,
through the days
this house is a cemetary
:iconsingagainsoon:singagainsoon 83 27
first of all, forgive the handwriting- i started biting my fingers off when i ran out of fingernails, figuring they'd grow back eventually. they didn't. now i am dictating this extremely important letter to a stranger in a coffee shop, and i don't have time to be picky about who has the best handwriting.
i guess the long and short of it is that i'm leaving. i know you might not be very happy, but you see, you left me exactly four months ago and i have finally gathered all of my things and all of my guts and it is time for me to leave. i tried to tell you last month that i had finally decided to walk out, but you weren't listening. you aren't very good at listening anymore.
there wasn't really one big final straw so much as an unfortunate combination of straws. i am not sorry. for once in my twenty three years, i am not sorry. no, i don't hate you. yes, i took the photos. no, i do not feel badly about any of it. you did not feel badly for putting me in this situation, just as i do not f
:iconsingagainsoon:singagainsoon 3 4
i have been caught pink-handed
hands and face stained rosy,
love-and-love-lost's juices dried on my skin for everyone to see
no matter how the shower scalds me i cannot come clean
and she has kicked me from our bed to the hallway to the front porch to the east coast
i drag my worn-to-bone feet back home
while another star explodes, another lover takes my side of the bed
:iconsingagainsoon:singagainsoon 1 0
only love is all maroon
goodbye, lakes
every crashing wave i leave behind
every streetlight that has seen us stealing kisses
the cracking pavement aches for your feet beside mine
falling in love, falling in step
now i am just
goodbye, sky-blue-waters;
sun glinting on our love-lock,
mocking this love-lost
:iconsingagainsoon:singagainsoon 1 0
winter carnival
i go to the groups and i sit in the circles and try to describe the creature that is devouring me but the medications don't help and the tears don't help and the sleeping doesn't help and every time i leave my house every person i meet knows that i have worn these clothes for four days straight and i haven't eaten in days and i can't conceal the circles under my eyes or the way tears make my eyelashes stick together. every stranger that passes me on the sidewalk or sees me through the bus window knows that she left me and that she is happy and that she is out of town to see her new girlfriend and that i drink too much and that i am dying and that therapy does not help and work does not help and i can not be helped.
so they pass me by. and i pass them by. and the world passes me by. and i am anchored to the same spot.
:iconsingagainsoon:singagainsoon 6 4
i want to go-
to the store. to the library. to the park.
i want to go
but her ghost lives in my shadow,
drags me back to bed
back under the covers
and smothers me in my sleep
:iconsingagainsoon:singagainsoon 6 2
a promise i'll keep
my hands will never graze another's skin-
i would sooner
             o f f
:iconsingagainsoon:singagainsoon 7 2
the most expensive betrayal
death flew in with the snow,
rotting flesh held together with a scarf;
"never will we part," but i know-
i know, i know, i know
she holds my hand,
snaps my wrist as she lets go,
leaves me to freeze where i stand
rooted and crumbling outside our bedroom window
all the while i just grow fonder-
she sinks her claws into my chest
absence makes the heart to wander
:iconsingagainsoon:singagainsoon 2 0
bury me in old letters
clumsy chord and calloused fingers
forever walks me down the street-
hand in unlovable hand
:iconsingagainsoon:singagainsoon 2 0
friday snow
i have grown as old as the lake
and twice as cold
plants tangled in my curls,
beach glass for teeth
the rise and fall of the tides catch in my breath
beware my waves-
the lighthouse is sleeping
:iconsingagainsoon:singagainsoon 3 0


sometimes people leave and you just
can't do anything about it.
they leave behind a chill in the air where
their body warmth used to be
and you can light fires and candles and
shine spotlights in place of them
but it will never feel the same.
i learned that the hard way.
he decided one morning that he was ready
to leave,
and i saw it in the shadows in his eyes and
i decided i wasn't ready to let him.
he brought kerosene in
water bottles and hid
matches in his jacket pocket and tried to burn the bridges
but i put them out with extinguishers and
painted over the burn marks so i could pretend
they weren't there.
he felt bad because he didn't want to hurt me and
i felt bad because i didn't want him to be hurting but
i didn't want to be hurting either even though i knew
one of us was going to get burned by the end of it
(there shouldn't have been any question of who
it would be, but
i was desperate and i didn't want him to leave)
so there was no communication.
he did all he could to bring i
:iconcatloversjt:catloversjt 29 9
an atheist's guide to grieving you
i.   let your soliloquies be private,
a prayer to trees and trees alone--
cargo shorts,
baby hairs,
everywhere soft.
tuck it away:
that song by the kills,
muffled sex under blankets,
apologies through gritted teeth
ii.   when the news arrives,
remember this was not special.
a hundred other girls spoke
into his mouth,
felt the blue valley
of his collarbone
iii.   watch
but say nothing
as they stumble over his pronoun
& still pinch tiny rainbow pins at his funeral.
iv.   flinch every time you see an ongoing truck
v.   remember him at all the wrong times:
drunk with friends,
making breakfast,
vii.   put that record on
& pray
:iconignotism:ignotism 19 3
every stranger wears a crown
every man believes
himself a lion
                   (an expert
                    and conqueror)
master of some empire,
forever the subject of his own sentence:
to live life from the inside out.
:iconhypermagical:hypermagical 5 0
in the search for love, you overstepped
your boundaries bad for business
you browbeat your heart's heads
and sever its strings 
with your plague-paled overtures of peace
:iconhypermagical:hypermagical 4 1
when reality fails to meet your expectations,
you force it.
and I'm left in the aftermath, making excuses
while you seek static to soothe the stomach you don't have for this.
:iconhypermagical:hypermagical 4 0
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The Word of Raymond by CreativelyAddled
"When you're God, you never smile"
Compelling and beautifully written, this short read propels you in to the lonely life of a faithful follower of Raymond, surviving at the whims of the ocean
A Confluence of Time by A-Wandering-Man
"How a series of seemingly unrelated events are actually more linked than you think"
A great read with a comfortable flow of events all tying nicely together in the end.  A-Wandering-Man has created an enjoyable short story with quite a likeable protagonist (despite morally questionable activities :XD:). If you're a fan of time travel, then you will love this.
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:iconhugqueen:HugQueen 121 315
blender mixed and brilliant,
  less than erudite but memory serves us,
bleed me green and orange, this anarchy between us
 is worth it, and embracing carbon from your blood
               gets me into you, around, inside -
                      more air between me and you than anyone before it
                      broken lights and blocked glass windows for us to feed,
                      in the first person
      not anti-climactic, but at the bottom of the reaction
           wish we'd catalyze, but we asked for this
    stirred into mixing rain water and sin,
             "fucked you good," you said, and intermittently the radio
:iconcreativelycliche:creativelycliche 13 0
what are we here for, darling?
the games we play pull
and push like a tug-of-war.
but there is no fun here
and we are hardly children.
love is a desolate drum
in the middle of the chest.
and i don't know if it's mine,
mind, or yours anymore.
love is an inescapable hum
in the middle of my throat.
and i don't know if i want to sing
or if i want to slice drafts free
from the base of my neck.
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 27 4
curious, curious
the hang is luring,
syllables rolling
from lips alluring.
quips quick
with whispers that linger
softly in the air
and i'm hang-
ing on the edge
of your next words.
old muse, new views
this poetic motion
glides whimsical;
with a hummingbird quickness
that auras over my eyelids.
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 23 2
janus janus another god satellite too far away
nomenclature nomenclature
musculature musculature.
let my miniature universe
that you godship peak into
some actual existence. 
maybe???? your hands
are everything i needed
maybe your hands maybe your hands
maybe repetitious maybe your hands
maybe i am obsessive
maybe this isn't lyrical
maybe nomenclature musculature
making my miniature universe
in god's ship in god's silhouette.
silo hues in the grain
of your waist lined hands,
i am a lonely mess
that can't see that far
into the distance,
but i see you
in my immediate plane. 
and you won't let me fly,
you won't let the lines
level flush into your mouth,
swallow my love, swallow my love,
swallow my love.
dire views in the shame
of my waste lined hands,
i am a lonely mess
that can't be that mar
into the essence,
but i see you,
in my immediate vein.
and you won't let me die,
you won't let the guides
level hush into my house,
wallow my dove, wallow my dove,
wallow my dove.
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 23 7
like so many grains of sand
i can't recreate that passive longing,
that solemn sea-breeze pain
that seemed to stretch out forever
(it must have grown
since before
i knew you were there).
no matter how much distance i covered
i was always led back here -
i'd known, but forgotten a million times -
that a circular path will never reach
the atmosphere.
you were too far away to slip through my fingers,
i only ever touched air,
and the scent from the breeze i inhaled -
it curled into my chest,
then disappeared.
:iconeternalsunday:EternalSunday 3 0
Portal 2 by TheMinttu Portal 2 :icontheminttu:TheMinttu 4,995 529
you're anything but exhausting
we sat side by side
never bound by silence
and i
counted the freckles you don't want to believe you have
as you went on about
and i wondered if you felt we had any.
i can always tell when you're sad
because you'll take blame
and wrap it around your throat
like ropes
and tell me stupid things,
like how everything
is you fault,
like my insomnia,
when really all our two am conversations do for me
is prevent overthinking
//a distraction, you're my favorite distraction, and really i'd be up anyway//
i relish in the recognition that sparks in your eyes
when they meet mine
and i'm sorry i can't believe i deserve this attention
i've just never
been free from apprehension
no one
has ever been like you
but you know that, you told me, too
the day we met
that you're not everyone else
to not let my past define you
//to this day i don't know what your stranger-self did to make me believe any of it but i'm glad i did//
because we've got chemistry
whether you wan
:iconcatloversjt:catloversjt 25 15
portrait of rosalie
my grandmother devours
photo albums
like Tolstoy novels,
mémoire aprés mémoire aprés
she tells me the same story
about her first job
without a car
five times over,
looking away
to another
black & white to me,
but full-color to her.
alzheimer's is a language.
like french, it is
just another part of her.
she does not remember
conversations from a week ago
or to turn over laundry,
but she remembers
bus rides in the south, pre-1964,
white weddings in
grey cathedrals
that are shopping malls now.
i have learned to translate
her repetition,
the ways she can tell
the same memory
again and again
like it is the first time.
for this, too,
is language:
the new inflections in her voice,
new details,
the tears that frequent
her glassy eyes
like uninvited guests
she lets in anyway
my grandmother's
is a neologist,
changes the way
we communicate
trauma is passed
through generations
like hand-me-down clothes.
c'est héréditaire.
my grand
:iconignotism:ignotism 120 41
this is what we ran from, running out of blood (i)
new york, new york
this was the last speck
of dust dying dead
light from a bled-out star,
bleeding heart,
future etched in destinies
that you never believed in,
i hope the faith 
you never found in me
or in your chest
comes from 
breaths of fresh air
in lungs plucked
and neatly tucked
under your rug
of ribs.
but until then,
i don't have any idea
what to say,
and the easiest way
to answer questions
is to pretend to know,
so i guess i tripped
to make the fall shorter
because standing tall
was such a tall order.
maybe the best way
to live is to pretend
and not to show
so that when the time comes
you're a surprise
with no expectations
like how we started
instead of how we ended.
kurt cobain,
watch this montage of heck,
our documentary of fuck,
and my collage of regret.
:iconchromeantennae:chromeantennae 35 13



211 deviations
brandi is so beautiful i am in literal tears every time i see her
david bowie's mom was a narcissist. whether that makes me destined for greatness somehow, i don't know. maybe it links us, soul to soul, or something. since the tender age of four, the ethereal being on my television screen had become my imaginary friend. his voice floated through my stereo and settled in my brain and my wide eyes were burned forever with his image. i'd spent countless birthday wishes on the hope of getting to see him- a glimpse on the street, even, just to be sure that he was real. cd grasped in my chubby-child fingers, i'd sit on the rug and imagine him for hours, trying desperately to conjure him up. 

i wish the goblin king would take me away right now. i wish the goblin king would take me away right now-

he never came. 

my ex was- is a narcissist (but only after she dumped me). i was suddenly a child again, swaddled in unfathomable darkness that used to only come from turning out my night light. the world had morphed, overnight, into an insurmountable obstacle. broke and totally alone, i'd fold into myself and try to resurrect him. the unthinkable had already happened, so anything else was nothing short of possible. i would have given what remained of my life for his. some part of the bright-eyed child that had been buried deep within me held fast to the belief that he had gone back to mars, that the cosmos needed him more than i did but that perhaps, perhaps he would come for me if i wished it hard enough. 

i wish-
i'm coming for you, pretty patrick!
i don't draw much. ever. at all. BUT i love bee and puppycat so here's pretty patrick for all your pretty patrick needs. i drew him up as an icon for my b&p blog and used the poster of him that bee has above her couch as a reference
i've been home for a week and i secured a job at the box office at the theatre here! it's the closest thing i've had to my dream job so i'm super excited (and also VERY busy!)
as many of you know, my girlfriend of four years dumped me and immediately began dating someone new- however, i was unable to move out (due to finances and also, admittedly, an unwillingness to give up the hope that things would change)

this past weekend, though, i secured a dream job back home and scraped together enough money to come back. i'm still not in a great place mentally, but logging back in to see my very first DD was a HUGE mood booster! thank you all for your support and your kind words!

and to those new watchers, feel free to say hello!


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United States
lonely thing, twelve-fingered, out of mind

my insta is weiirdautumn




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